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Why Do Our Competitors Hate Us? Read On To Find Out...

It’s no secret our competitors hate us. The question is: why?

Well. It’s simple, really: they hate us because we can offer such low prices. How low do we go?

Shockingly low.

Outrageously low.

Scandalously low.

Our founder was a man of principle and reason. He reasoned people should get great floors at unbeatable prices, and so he designed a business model around buying discontinued flooring straight from the manufacturers. He also started purchasing shop-grade hardwood, and guess what? People loved it! Finally there was a way to get a genuine hardwood floor at a fraction of the cost, with extra character and individuality to boot!

Our competition was not pleased. How dare we, a small family-owned company, beat them at their own game? How dare we look after people over profits? It’s easy, friends. By running on beliefs of variety, transparency, and going where the Big Box stores won’t, Waterproof Flooring Outlet has carved out its own niche in the flooring world. They might laugh. They might scoff. Deep down, though, our competitors are frightened. We went into uncharted territory, and every day our customers save 50-75% off the retail price because of it.